Saturday 18th November 2017

Trip to Jupiter’s mysteries

Why an American Spacecraft Is Almost at Jupiter

No matter how much traveling you did in the last five years, it’s a good bet you haven’t done as much as the Juno spacecraft. Launched from Cape Canaveral on a spiraling route out to Jupiter on Aug. 5, 2011, it has so far put 1.71 billion miles (2.75 billion km) on its odometer and has just 48 million miles (77 million km) to go before it gets where it’s going.
Juno won’t land on Jupiter, simply because there’s no such thing as landing on a gas planet that has no solid surface. It won’t plunge into the Jovian atmosphere either. That was a feat achieved only once before, when the Galileo orbiter arrived at Jupiter in 1995 and released a probe into the planet’s clouds. The high-tech projectile was not expected to last long and it didn’t—beaming back data for just 78 minutes before the planet’s massive internal pressure crushed it like a soda can.
Juno has a longer life to look forward to than that. When it arrives at Jupiter this July 4, it will begin at least a year’s worth of research, orbiting the planet 32 times at an altitude of 3,100 miles (5,000 km). Since NASA, smartly, tends to lowball its spacecrafts’ anticipated lifespans—which makes it easy for them to overperform—bet on Juno living well past its first birthday.

Indonesia Under Control


After the terrorist attacks, Jokowi said,”situation was under control and called on people to remain calm”. The bombings seemed to target a busy part of town that houses embassies.

At least seven people are dead after a series of coordinated terrorist attacks in Indonesia.

However, the police said the explosion heard in central Jakarta near the area of a militant attack earlier on Thursday was believed to be a tyre bursting and not another bomb.

.The Jakarta police chief, Tito Karnavian, named an Indonesian in Syria as being responsible. Last month, anti-terror police arrested nine suspected militants and said they had planned attacks “to attract global news coverage of their existence here”.

Conference of the Parties (COP) 21

Joko Widodo

Joko Widodo President of  Republic Indonesia will attend the Conference of the Parties (COP) 21 held in Paris, France. November 30, 2015.

In Paris Joko Widodo also scheduled to have bilateral meetings with several world leaders.

Jokowi will explain the strategic position of Indonesia because Indonesia is one of the largest state forest owners but we are also in a position geographically vulnerable to climate change.

Conference of the Parties featuring world class speakers, including:

Dr Ernest Moniz, Secretary of Energy, USA

As United States Secretary of Energy, Dr Ernest Moniz is tasked with implementing critical Department of Energy missions in support of President Obama’s goals of growing the economy, enhancing security and protecting the environment. This encompasses advancing the President’s all-of-the-above energy strategy, maintaining the nuclear deterrent and reducing the nuclear danger, promoting American leadership in science and clean energy technology innovation, cleaning up the legacy of the cold war, and strengthening management and performance.

The ISS is expected to remain operational until 2024


SpaceX received orders Friday from the US space agency to send astronauts to the International Space Station in the coming years, helping restore US access to space, NASA said.
The announcement was a formal step in a process that began earlier this year when Boeing was given the nod by NASA to send crew to the orbiting outpost by late 2017.
Both Boeing and SpaceX have received billions in seed money from NASA to restore American access to the ISS, after the US space shuttle program was retired in 2011.
The announcement of $4.2 billion for Boeing and $2.6 billion for SpaceX was made in September 2014.

IBM has launched Watson Trend

IBM bulid

After elbowing its way into hospitals and restaurants, it was inevitable that IBM’s supercomputer would turn its attention towards the retail business. IBM has launched Watson Trend, a service that harnesses Watson’s deep learning smarts in order to discover the hottest and most desirable products to buy this holiday season. The machine will work out what’s hot (and what’s not) by trawling the web, looking through everyone’s public conversations on social media, blog posts and product reviews. Once the information has been found, it’ll run sentiment analysis to determine how people really feel about their new smartphones